These soulmates united on this physical plane in early 2011 and they soon found their passions for the arts, healing & the senses could be combined to create another worldly experience.

Jenn Tamera Arrendondo & Aaron Arredondo, known collectively as Soul Garden Sounds, have united in their shared belief that music and meditation can heal.  Jenn's background as a certified yoga instructor, bodywork practitioner and energy healer, coupled with Aaron's experience as a musician and producer create a dynamic pairing. Additionally, these two are Aka Dua certified healers and infuse this energy work into their music and meditation.

Soul Garden Sounds have shared the stage with Marianne Williamson and have performed at festivals, sacred music events, yoga studios, and private events. They also specialize in customized meditations and techniques for specific needs.

Jenn and Aaron are also the founders of Soul Garden Space, a live/work/play space where they provide the community with tools to cultivate passion and purpose while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. It is both a business and a way of life. Soul Garden Space has grown from its roots as a healing business, featuring yoga and bodywork, and has recently branched out into the world of multi-media. The release of Soulful Meditations Volume 1: Create Your Day begins a new stage in the evolution of Soul Garden Space.

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Soulful Meditations CD and Classes

Receive our Soulful Meditations CD and Classes (4 in a TeleSeries) starting in January 2017. This is a $175.99 value that we are offering for $108 plus $4.99 s/h for a limited time. Learn how to recharge your body, mind, and spirit through the practice of meditation.

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Soulful Meditations Vol 1: Create Your Day contains 9 tracks, including 2 instructional, for deepening meditation and life practices. These guided and musical tracks are designed to fit every lifestyle. Accessible to those with little meditation experience, the multi-level approach and high quality production create resonant experiences for all listeners. Using sub-harmonic frequencies and Aka Dua, the CD is not only amazing to listen to, but it also creates healing molecular responses in the body. Created with intent to clear and heal, Soulful Meditations Vol 1: Create Your Day can elevate your awareness.